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Steve Thomas Online
Singer  •  Guitarist  •  Songwriter

    When Steve Thomas begins to sing, it’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “How does he hit those notes?!”. He has an amazingly high and powerful range, and it gives Steve a strong connection with his audience. Listeners have compared his voice with the likes of Steve Perry of Journey, Sting of The Police and other great high tenors of rock*. And yet,  Steve's voice is uniquely his own. 

* OTHER COMPARISONS: Lou Gramm of Foreigner, Steve Walsh of Kansas, and Mickey Thomas of Jefferson Starship

The Steve Thomas Band Solo Performance
Separate Ways In The Name Of Love Josie It Keeps You Running
Every_Breath_You_Take Broken Wings Nick of Time My Love
Too Much Time Jump Until You Come Back That's How Much I Feel
Eye Of The Tiger Your Kiss Is On My List I Just Want to Stop  
Sister Christian Talking In Your Sleep    
One Thing Leads To Another      
ORIGINAL MUSIC © Steve Thomas 2008
Hurricane What Would Be Wrong? Do You Know?
Steve Thomas copyright Notice 2010